Tony Hauser had organized a book reading at a small bookstore in Forest Hill Toronto .

It is a small library and he knew the owner, a multimillionaire who sells books as a hobby .
She owns several bookstores in Canada and they are all very successful even with the competition of digital books
Usually the bookstore is full of people but the book reading was set for six pm after the close .
That day was a very beautiful day 30 degrees , after very cold days during the week .

The bookstore is a very narrow long surface with books in shelves on the wall and in the middle long tables full of books with just a space for the clients to pass .

I found a very small table at the entrance with just enough space to place my books:  33 Triumph,  five of a small edition of Yo y mi  Otro Yo, five  Historias Impertinentes with the image of Jacques Prevert drinking wine on the Champs Elysees and five copies of Nostalgia which did not sell .

At six pm the people started to come in and I had to explain to everybody what the books were about .
I told everyone that the books were just written for fun . My ambition is to make people laugh .

They laughed.

After six pm people started to come in the library and stopped at the table where my books were displayed .
They all talked to me and then some bought a book . A few went to the back of the store where Andre had set up a  shelve with two bottles of Beaujolais Villages and one bottle of Chablis .
Vivian  had also prepared some cheeze and cucumber pieces with a toothpick .
At the beginning when people asked for an autograph I wrote .  ‘Dear …I love you and I wish you would love me”
But then as people were waiting in line I wrote  ” I love you ” RSDA . but it took too long and then I started to just sign ” RSDA ”
Everybody was excited  and wanted to know what my books were all about .
” It is just a book to make you laugh ”
“If you laugh then It is a success”

I  read the small poem about the computer that fell in love with the laptop on his tremblimg knees and …..

Some books were in english french and also spanish .

The wine was finished the Vivian appetizers were finished the books were sold but the people did not leave .

We still had a good laugh when we found out that the cover of the trilingual was a photo of Jacques
Prévert on the Champs Elysées , but I was getting tired , very tired, and finally everybody left .

The next day after a god night sleep I realized that I was famous .

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